Father-Focused, Family-First,
Fostering Your Future.

David C.

Padraic a very empathetic attorney. I spoke with probably 50 or more attorneys trying to find the right one. Padraic is like no attorney I’ve ever encountered. As my sister referred to him, the Lincoln lawyer for his compassion of the law and knowledge . what sets him apart from any other attorneys is the fact that he has taken this journey from his own experience of being alienated from his daughter, to take a path into helping out others. That truly is an aspect that any other attorney that I spoke to lacks in what you’re going through and the understanding of your pain , because he has been there in your own shoes. He is not your standard attorney most family attorneys are in it to get you in for billable hours and get very little for results and stretch you along to milk you dry. so when he speaks on your behalf, it’s with compassion and empathy winning the heart of the court to tell your story and using his knowledge of the law To unite you back with your children or child. So if you’re looking for a top-notch attorney, this is your guy.
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