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About The Legal Dad

The Legal Dad was started by Padraic D. Walsh, who saw a need for a kinder approach to legal matters after going through his own contentious divorce and custody case. He knows firsthand how devastating it is to be told you’ll never see your child again, so he’s dedicated to helping fathers with family law issues they might face after ending their relationship with their child’s mother.

When you hire The Legal Dad, you’ll have a compassionate lawyer on your side reminding you of your rights and providing regular case updates. You shouldn’t have to spend months between meetings, wondering how your case is progressing and when you’ll see your child again. If you want an empathetic lawyer who personally understands the importance of your family law case, contact The Legal Dad at 612-712-3405.

What Types of Cases Does The Legal Dad Handle?

When you call our Minnesota law firm, you’ll get legal help from an experienced fathers’ rights lawyer who has handled cases in numerous practice areas. The types of legal cases we frequently handle include:

  • Alimony
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Military Divorce
  • Property Division

Our lawyer has not only successfully argued these types of cases for clients, but also has personal experience with them as a father who went through divorce. So, whether you’re worried about your child custody case, need to prove paternity, or have questions about alimony, we can help.

What Experience Does The Legal Dad Have?

Our lawyer’s story began over 20 years ago, when he was going through a difficult divorce during which his wife sent him a message that he would never see his son again. He distinctly remembers that heartbreaking moment, which was followed by months of court hearings and meetings with lawyers who didn’t seem to care about his situation.

After months of waiting for updates about his case, Padraic emailed his attorney with questions, only to get a terse reply and an invoice for the response. Soon after, he realized there’s a need for empathetic attorneys who can relate to their clients rather than viewing them as billable hours.

That’s when Padraic vowed to return to college and get accepted into law school. Years later, he graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Law, passed the bar exam, and is now licensed to practice law in Minnesota so he can help families like yours.

When Should I Contact a Fathers’ Rights Lawyer in Minnesota?

Whether you’re going through a divorce or want to modify your child custody arrangement, you deserve legal support from a knowledgeable, caring attorney. The Legal Dad’s mission is to protect your parental rights so you can maintain your bond with your children.

If you’re worried about your rights as a father, call The Legal Dad today at 612-712-3405 for a free consultation.