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Helping Fathers Resolve Concerns About Paternity

The issue of paternity is one of the most common topics to address during child custody and child support cases. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where it’s unclear who the biological father of a child is, and it’s important to be sure about this issue before the court makes any decisions about child support, custody, or visitation.

If you or the mother of your child have any doubts about paternity, now is the time to find a resolution, and our law firm can assist with this. When you hire The Legal Dad for your case, we can use our knowledge of the Minnesota legal system to get accurate answers regarding paternity before you move forward with your child custody or child support plans.

Why Is Establishing Paternity Important?

If you have spent years raising and bonding with your child, it might not cross your mind to prove that you’re the biological father, especially if you know the answer wouldn’t change anything for you. However, situations might arise where you’ll need proof of paternity, particularly if you and the child’s mother end your relationship.

At that point, your legal rights will depend on your ability to prove you’re the father. In fact, if you were not married to the child’s mother when they were born, you might find that you have no legal right to petition the court for parenting time until you can prove paternity. This can be devastating if you’re a dedicated father who simply wants the right to care for your children, so be prepared to establish paternity before you seek custody or visitation.

On the other hand, if you’ve been told you owe child support for a child you suspect is not biologically yours, paternity testing can resolve this issue. Without it, you could end up being held financially responsible for a child that another man should be paying for.

Of course, if the paternity test shows the child is yours, you can begin contributing to the child’s upbringing by paying child support as you consider your custody and visitation rights. A Minnesota paternity lawyer for men will make sure you know the steps to take to prove paternity and remain in the child’s life after a divorce or breakup.

How Can You Establish Paternity in Minnesota?

The process of establishing paternity varies depending on your circumstances. If you were married to the mother when the child was born, you’re legally considered the father and don’t have to establish paternity. This means you already have the right to seek custody or visitation as you go through divorce.

If you were unmarried when the child was born, you’re not considered the legal father unless you signed a Recognition of Parentage (ROP), a paternity form that states under oath that you’re the parent. Both parents typically sign this form shortly after the child is born.

If you did not sign an ROP when the child was born, but you and the child’s mother agree that you’re the biological father, you can both sign and file the form now. This will give you a chance to request visitation or custody of your child. An experienced Minnesota paternity lawyer for men will assist with any paperwork you must complete and file with the court before you seek custody, so call The Legal Dad to get started on your paternity case.

What If the Parents Disagree on Paternity of the Child?

The Recognition of Parentage is a simple way to prove to the court that you’re the father when you and the child’s mother are certain about paternity. But when one parent is unsure about who the father is, genetic testing is often the most straightforward way to get an answer.

Only a legal parent can consent to test the child’s DNA. So, if you’re not legally recognized as the father, you will need the consent of the child’s mother to get a test done. If she agrees, you can initiate this process outside of court. Once you get the results, you can use them in your child custody or child support case.

If the child’s mother does not agree to genetic testing, you and your will lawyer will need to petition the court to request it. If the court agrees that it’s necessary for your case, the mother must comply or risk being held in contempt of court. This means you’ll get the answers you deserve when it comes to paternity, even if it takes months of dealing with the legal system. If you’re curious about what to expect from this process, call The Legal Dad to explain your situation and get the guidance you need.

What Can a Minnesota Paternity Lawyer for Men Do for Your Case?

When you’re a devoted father, you shouldn’t have to lose sleep over the possibility of not seeing your child again just because your relationship with their mother is over. Getting proof that you’re the legal father gives you the same rights as the mother when it comes to spending time with your child. That’s why the team at The Legal Dad understands the importance of proving paternity as soon as possible.

When you hire us for your legal case, we’ll consider your circumstances and your reason for proving paternity before advising you on your next steps. Whether you want to prove you’re the father so you can seek custody or need to prove that you’re not the father in a child support case, our experience with the Minnesota legal system will help your case go smoothly. If you’re ready to get peace of mind when it comes to your rights as a father, call our Minneapolis law office at 612-712-3405 for a free initial consultation with a skilled, passionate lawyer for men.