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Minnesota Child Custody Lawyer for Men

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If you are ending your marriage or relationship with the mother of your children, your main concern is likely how much time you will get to spend with your kids afterward. Many fathers assume that the mother will automatically get custody of the children. While that was an expected outcome of many custody cases in the past, today most courts acknowledge the need for the father to remain in the kids’ lives.

Of course, some judges may still be biased in favor of mothers, which is why it’s essential that you know your rights as a father and get assistance from a skilled lawyer who is on your side. At The Legal Dad, we know the challenges you will likely face as a father seeking custody of your children, so we will guide you through the legal process. Contact our Minneapolis law office for a free consultation with a compassionate family law attorney.

What Are the Types of Child Custody in Minnesota?

Before you begin your child custody case, you should consider your preferred outcome. In Minnesota, parents can seek physical custody, legal custody, or both.

When you have physical custody, your child lives with you. This means you’re responsible for meeting their needs regarding food, housing, clothing, healthcare, hygiene, and other necessities.

The other type of child custody is legal custody, which allows you to make critical decisions for the child. This means you can decide where they attend school, which religion they practice, which doctor they go to, and other important details of their upbringing.

During your child custody proceeding, you can pursue either sole or joint custody. If you are awarded sole physical custody, you are considered the primary caregiver, so your child will live at your house and get visitation with their other parent. If you are awarded joint physical custody, you and the mother will share custody, so the child will split their time at each parent’s house according to the parenting plan.

If you get sole legal custody, you’ll be solely responsible for making important decisions about your child’s upbringing. However, if you share legal custody with the mother, you must work together to make these decisions. Your lawyer will help you decide which custody arrangement to pursue, so contact our Minnesota law firm for advice.

What Does the Minnesota Legal System Consider When Deciding Custody Arrangements?

Entering a custody dispute with your ex-wife can be intimidating if you’re worried the judge will automatically side with her. However, Minnesota judges are required to treat mothers and fathers equally while making child custody decisions. In fact, they’re only supposed to consider what arrangement would be in the child’s best interests.

To do this, the judge will look at various factors that can help determine which household would be best for the child. To start, the judge will consider your history. This will typically include how well you have taken care of the child in the past, whether you’ve been convicted of domestic violence, and whether you have health or substance abuse problems that could put the child in danger.

A Minnesota family law judge will also consider your relationship with the mother of your child. You must show you’re willing and able to co-parent and avoid arguing in front of your child when interacting with your former spouse. You must also show you can meet your child’s needs as they grow, including their physical, mental, religious, and educational needs.

Finally, the judge will examine how moving the child to a different home would affect their well-being and relationships with siblings and other relatives. A skilled Minnesota child custody lawyer for men can show the court that you can provide a stable, comfortable home for your child, so contact us for legal guidance as you pursue sole or joint custody.

How Does Visitation Work?

If one parent gets sole custody, the child will live with them. However, the child will spend some time with their other parent according to the visitation agreement. Even when parents have joint custody, the child usually spends more time at one house than the other, since splitting time equally is difficult. So, whether the mother was awarded sole custody or is the primary custodial parent in a joint custody arrangement, you will likely get visitation.

Once the judge orders visitation, you and the other parent must agree on which days you will see your child. Many families decide it’s easiest for the non-custodial parent to see the child on weekends and holidays so the school routine isn’t interrupted.

However, your schedule should take your family’s unique needs into consideration. If you can’t agree on a visitation schedule or one parent is trying to request supervised visitation, you’ll need help with your child’s custody and visitation case. Contact our Minneapolis law office to meet with a lawyer who will ensure your visitation arrangement is reasonable.

How Can a Minnesota Child Custody Lawyer for Men Help You?

You deserve to continue raising your child after divorce, as your relationship with your child should not be dependent on your marriage working out. If your ex-spouse is trying to punish you by taking your children away, you can fight back by hiring a skilled attorney who has been through this experience.

At The Legal Dad, we understand fathers’ rights in this state, and we’re committed to upholding them. We know how critical it is to remain in your child’s life, as both you and your child will benefit significantly from maintaining your bond. That’s why we use our knowledge of the legal process to assist fathers fighting for full or partial custody. Call us at 612-712-3405 for help working out a child custody agreement, parenting schedule, or other legal tasks during your case.