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Minnesota Divorce Lawyer for Men

Providing Legal Support During the Dissolution of Marriage

Embarking on the divorce process can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. When you hire The Legal Dad, you will have a lawyer on your side who has been where you are and can offer the support you need. Whether you have concerns about parenting time and child support obligations or want to get an idea of when your divorce will be final, our team is here for you. Contact our Minneapolis law office today to discuss your divorce case with a caring, skilled lawyer.

What Should You Know About Minnesota Divorce Laws?

It’s essential to know Minnesota’s divorce laws as you prepare to end your marriage. First, you or your spouse must have lived in this state for at least 180 days before you can pursue a divorce. The only exception to this is if you or your spouse are a member of the armed forces and kept the Minnesota residency.

If you meet this requirement, you can file for divorce, also called dissolution of marriage, in your county of residency in Minnesota. This is a no-fault divorce state, so you do not need to prove adultery or other wrongdoing to get a divorce. You can simply state that there was an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage.

If your spouse doesn’t contest the divorce and you both agree on property division and other family law issues, you might end up with an uncontested divorce. This gives you the best chance of finalizing the divorce as quickly as possible. However, it’s more common for couples to have a contested divorce, as it can be difficult to agree on important issues surrounding the children and money. Either way, you’ll benefit from talking to a skilled Minnesota divorce lawyer, so contact The Legal Dad before you initiate or respond to divorce paperwork.

What Should You Expect from the Minnesota Divorce Process?

As you prepare for your Minnesota divorce case, you should have realistic expectations of the process, especially when it comes to how long it will take. In general, an uncontested divorce can be final within a few months. However, if you and your spouse need a judge to step in and make decisions regarding child custody, marital property division, alimony, and other topics, it could take a year or two for your divorce to be final.

If you’re ready to start your divorce case, you should arrange for a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer who has helped several Minnesota men through this legal process. When you come to our law firm for guidance, we’ll assist with every step, starting by filing the correct paperwork for your situation.

For instance, if you and your spouse agree on all family law issues, you can file a Joint Petition for Divorce. However, if you disagree on child custody and other matters and expect a contested divorce, you must serve your wife a Summons and Petition document. She must respond within 30 days by filing an Answer document describing the details she is contesting.

You can then decide to work together through mediation to come to a resolution on the legal issues, or you’ll go to court and let the judge decide for you. Once there are plans in place regarding property division, child custody, and other areas of family law, the judge will sign the paperwork to finalize the divorce. Your divorce and family lawyer will explain any legal terms and help accurately complete and file all court documents, so you should rest assured your legal team will provide the support you need.

What If You Have Children with Your Spouse?

It’s uncommon for parents to immediately agree on all legal issues involving their children during divorce, since both parents usually want more time with their children. So, if you have minor children with your spouse, prepare to attend several meetings with them to try to work out the details concerning child custody, visitation, and child support.

When you file for divorce, your petition should describe the outcome you want regarding parenting time, custody, property division, alimony, and child support. Your spouse will have a chance to respond with her own wishes regarding these issues, and you will both need to negotiate from there. Of course, coming to an agreement can take several months or even years, so you can ask the court for temporary orders in the meantime.

During a temporary relief hearing, the judge will make decisions regarding which parent the children will live with, how often they can see the other parent, and how much child custody payments should be. The temporary orders will eventually be replaced by permanent orders once the divorce is final. If you need to request a temporary relief hearing or have questions about the proposed temporary orders, your Minnesota divorce lawyer for men will provide the guidance you need during your divorce proceedings.

Are You Ready to Hire a Minnesota Divorce Lawyer for Men?

It’s understandable to feel anxious about going through the divorce process, but don’t let this stop you from leaving an unhappy marriage. Instead, reach out for support from The Legal Dad, where a compassionate attorney will provide the assistance and reassurance you need throughout your case.

At our Minnesota law firm, we know how important it is for you to keep spending time with your children after divorce, so we’re committed to pursuing the custody and visitation terms that work best for your family. If you’re worried about other legal issues, such as property division and alimony, we can assist with them, too. You deserve to get an outcome that feels fair and reasonable rather than a punishment for ending your marriage. Call our Minneapolis office at 612-712-3405 to learn more.